Yesterday, April 24, 2020, marked the final LDOC of my senior year in college, and it feels unreal. I had the opportunity to see some of my friends and professors via zoom today and said our final “Until Next Time.” I no longer live in North Carolina and with everything going on with Covid-19, I’m not sure when will be the next time that I’ll get to say my goodbyes and walk around campus one last time. I have learned so much these past two years about myself. Writing this makes me emotional, as I am really terrible at goodbyes, especially having to close the chapter of my college career virtually. However, I am okay knowing that although this is the end of my career as a student at UNC. I will always be a Tar Heel. I hope to one day be able to tailgate and attend a UNC vs Duke game because I never had the chance to, drink from the Old Well and really get to know campus.

So I am not saying good bye, but an UNTIL NEXT TIME UNC!!!

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