Carnival Cruise Lines was seeking an intern who is experienced in content marketing to fulfill its e-commerce advertising needs. As the CRM Marketing intern for Carnival, I was given the opportunity to utilize and expand upon my content marketing skills. I was tasked with creating collateral pieces for their online landing pages to drive cruise bookings, performing market research to evaluate how the company ranks among its competitors, and formulating reports suggesting marketing strategies that Carnival can implement to generate consumer traffic. In addition to content creation, email marketing played a significant role in my job responsibilities. I created subject lines and pre-headers for the Summer/Fall 2019 and spring 2020 email promotions, tailoring the wording to match the different target audiences. At the end of my internship in August of 2019, the company saw a 48% increase in its email open rate.

I was also tasked with working in a group with three other interns in the department of IT, Finance, and New Builds to come up with an innovative tool that will enhance the Carnival onboard ship experience. My team and I designed an interactive map/GPS experience that will allow guests to seamlessly navigate their way around the ship while generating sales through target marketing by suggesting sale points that seem to fit the needs of that guest given their location on-board. Our team was named first place and was awarded for delivering a stellar implementation presentation.