As a graduate of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC-Chapel Hill, I had the opportunity to build an in-depth communications background through numerous class projects and internships. I’ve worked with non-profits that specialize in bridging learning gaps for children in underfunded public schools, providing exchange opportunities for students abroad, and creating a better way of life for humanity. Attached are a few samples of press releases, public service announcements, direct mail letters, brochures and media kits that I have created for classwork as well as volunteer communication materials for these organizations. As an intern for Durham County Cooperative extensions (DCCE), I was proud to have been able to build a team to create a communication kit that ignited increased volunteerism and donor relations to the organization by over 300 people. For more information about my on the job responsibilities working with the organizations, please see my resume.


About Us/Boilerplate

DCCE News Release


Volunteer Brochure

Direct Mail Letter

Class Work/Other

Youth For Understanding PSA

YFU Direct Mail Letter


MEJO 332 FAQ Sheet