What does it mean to be hospitable?

As a young professional in the field of hospitality, I believe the key to being hospitable is creating experiences. When a guest comes to dine or stay at your property, there is something that captivated them to choose you among a pool of competitors. These factors can range from word of mouth, effective brand messaging or look and feel of your property. These are what I call “First foot in the door?” factors. However, you must then ask yourself what needs to be done after that initial step to uphold what was sold to the consumer.

One of the most important things in creating a guest experience is exceeding guest expectations. Whatever it was that you sold on your website or that past guest said that led them to conduct business with you, you must go above and beyond that. It all starts the moment that guest walks through your doors. They want to feel that radiating energy through the employees, they want to be acknowledged, but most importantly they want to feel important and served.

No guest should be treated based on their cover. Every guest should be priority. Oftentimes, we tend to focus on the monetary aspects of things that we forget to put what our purpose in this industry is, and that is to SERVE. Give 110% no matter who the guests is, because you’ll most likely be surprised. In anything that you do, sometimes you will run into situations where there is nothing that you can to avoid discrepancies, but the key is to remember your purpose, listen and then TAKE ACTION.

Always inform your guest, have fun, SERVE and see how fruitful your organization will continue to be.

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